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Our Founder: Hans J. Moehring

Our founder, Hans J. Moehring, was a visionary who saw the need to provide a method by which Condominium Corporations could assess and reserve sufficient money for the future capital expenditures required to maintain the common elements of the Corporation, preserve asset value and insure the sustainability of the investment for each owner.

In 1977, he formed H.J. Moehring Associates and actively began to lobby the fledgling condominium industry and helped Corporations understand the need for a Reserve Fund Plan. Hans Moehring had developed the Functional Reserve Fund Study which brought together a vast knowledge of buildings and building systems with the discipline of an accounting and investing acumen.

By 1994, there were many different firms heralding themselves as “Reserve Fund Planners” and the variety of reports that were delivered to the Condominium Industry became a larger and larger issue. The Reserve Fund Plan was a requirement that most Condominiums saw as necessary but the quality and lack of uniformity was a large enough issue that groups such as CCI and ACMO began to add weight to H.J. Moehrings' lobby for industry standards for Reserve Fund Studies.

In 1998, The Ontario “Condominium Act” was created to replace the old statutes and introduced sweeping changes including reserve fund studies as an integral requirement for Condominium Corporations.

From 1999 to 2001, Hans J. Moehring worked closely as a prime consultant with the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations to develop the regulations specific to Reserve Fund Studies.

In 1999, Hans J. Moehring also delivered a proposal to the Real Estate Institute of Canada for the creation of a series of courses that would allow people to achieve the designation of Certified Reserve Planner which is recognized under the Condominium Act as a person allowed to perform Reserve Fund Studies.

This course curriculum is still being taught today through the Real Estate Institute of Canada and Hans J. Moehring is widely regarded as a pioneer of the Condominium Industry in Ontario and a recognized name throughout Canada. He has published many books, taught many classes and written many articles on a wide variety of topics specific to the Condominium Industry

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